Here are some of my apps/examples. Click on any picture to see it full-size; titles link to live apps.

Note: I used to have limited versions of my apps on this site to prevent the potential for code-injection attacks/abuse, but I've since removed those safety restrictions: that means only use permalinks you made yourself or by someone you trust. Apps require recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

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Evaluate a 2-input function and see its behavior at a glance.

3D Grapher

View wireframe surfaces for all the functions given. Rotate the view moving your pointer/finger.

American Cities

See all major cities of the Americas fade into view except for Alaska, which literally didn't make the “cut”.

Audio Synthesizer

Turn JavaScript code into live music. See my list of tunes which you can play live in your (modern) browser.

Break Reminder

A tiny app which periodically reminds you to take a break.


Make a calendar showing the current month and the next few ahead. This app lets you keep notes for each day via bookmarkable permalinks, using the top-right link.


Simulate slow-moving clouds.

Convert Units

Convert multiple units at the same time.

D3 Colors

See what D3.js offers color-wise when combined with d3-scale-chromatic.


An earthquake-like experience

Data Inspector

Inspect composite datasets. Supports CSV, TSV/TAB/TXT, and JSON file formats.

Function Viewer

Evaluate and compare multiple functions at the same time.

Gapminder Explorer

Dig into's datasets. To toggle axes into/out of logarithmic mode, click on their labels. (List of all Indicators)

Integer Calculator

Evaluate many JS expressions on consecutive numbers. Using permalinks, you can make your own custom calculators to go back to. (Example temperature converter)

Interactive Maps

Screenshots from my topic-specific map collection

Law of Large Numbers

See what the Law of Large Numbers means with an animated interactive histogram.


Watch the Lorenz butterfly being traced out in real time.

Major Cities

See all major cities from around the world, and read some info about them.

Mandelbrot Set

Reveal the famous Mandelbrot set.

Meme Machine

Make your own memes. Right-click on your creation to see a menu which lets you save it.


Match pairs of animated characters.


Play a distraction-free Minesweeper game.


An interactive page which lets you run JavaScript in boxes, see their results, and then keep permanent links to restart from where you left.

Notebooks also let you include arbitrary HTML and come with extra libraries I made to help with various tasks, such as display information, crunch numbers, and manipulate data in various forms.

Random Walks

See results of multiple random walks as a panel of sparklines.


Live-edit WebGL fragment shaders.


Relax and watch snow fall.

Song Shuffler

The only music player you'll ever need. Plays your playlists in a never-ending shuffle mode. Also has a search-to-play autocomplete bar.


Show historical timelines. Top title and bottom data table are both editable.

Use permalink to have a bookmarkable link of your work at any time. Some examples are


See the current time for multiple places around the world. It updates every minute.

Click on places to show their local time and use the permalink to bookmark your picks (example) at any time.

Tone Mixer

Mix multiple sine waves and watch your ears!

World Mapper

Layout geocoded data tables over a map of the world. Hover on bubbles to have all data from the row they came from show up.

World Settlements

See the world's biggest cities at a glance; there's no interactivity, unlike most of my other map displays.

YouTube Latest

View a summary of what multiple YouTube channels have been up to lately. Links lead to videos or a channel's complete video list.

Teaching Examples

Screenshots I've taken from my collection of 150+ examples. Some of those screenshots are similar to the ones already shown above, so I've cut those out.

I've moved these pics to their own page, since this page is already too picture-heavy.